Would you like to change your experience of being photographed? Imagine having fun and going away with that warm buzzy feeling of just feeling good about being yourself…. and having the photos to prove it.

I truly believe EVERYONE can be photographed to look how they feel inside; the real genuine you. I don’t know how to explain it and even how I do it, but I just see when it appears on your face. It’s. just. THERE and I’ve got to grab it!


And I love hearing your huge relief when you can see it too, in your photographs. The relief that you look much better than your feared! It’s my personal mission to be able to replace those often, negative images in your head for stronger, self affirming ones.


And it’s not just personal portrait, it’s shots of you being passionate about your business, fun images from your highly anticipated event or conference, professionally crafted images for your website. I relish knowing you will have wonderfully fun and fresh images.

How I work is contagious, it’s electrifying; this is me totally committed to adding some Vivacious Mel sparkle to your photographs.

To Your Sparkly Photo Shoots,
Mel Cunningham (a.k.a Vivacious Mel) x

“Mel just has this way of making being photographed fun” – Jenny
“Our fantastic team photos show we work hard, but we know how to have fun too #The2Jway” – James and Jemma, 2Jevents
“If you’re getting married, you definitely need a Mel” – Anna and Graeme