So, the dreaded headshot portrait ….

if you hate being photographed or photographs of yourself, you are my favourite type of client.

Really? Genuinely, it’s my personal mission to replace those ick images in your head…

….with images that show the beauty I see in you

Of course, you can take a selfie, but you want to be taken professionally, right?

Everyone is more comfy at home with a cup of tea… so you drink and…

…i’ll set up my studio stuff (and probably rearrange your furniture)

Then I’ll prove to you that you actually should be in the perfect emerald green top you hid in the laundry basket…

You will only want photos where you look professional/smart/hot/cute, so YOU PICK

Straight after the shoot, you’ll select the 20 images you definitely want to have edited…

…and then you’ll see for yourself how beautifully you CAN be photographed!

So, take yourself seriously, get in touch to arrange your proper professional Vivacious Mel portrait session

Get in touch!
“I don’t know how she did it, but I look like I feel on the inside” – Helen
“Mel made my portrait session so much fun, we just joked and chatted the whole way through” – Matt
“I feel refreshed and so happy after my portrait session with Mel. They have changed how I feel myself too” – Edwina
“Mel is an amazing photographer (and person) who has the unique ability to infuse you with the same passion for a shot, that she feels when taking it” – Chris
“Mel just has this way of making being photographed fun” – Jenny