I am my change

Empowering busy women

to own the change they’ve decided to make…

by photographing its transition…

… into an identity you are super super proud of.

Have you decided it time to do more exercise?

… or be able to do more with your kids…

…or get back into an activity you used to really love?

…or something new?

…or set yourself a challenge?

If you’ve decided now is the time to change…..

It’s time to make it more than something you do, but WHO YOU ARE!

Time to see, be and own your change?

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I’ve gone from running around the block to running a half marathon in a year of I am my change. It’s just who I am now. Kate
Mel’s gift is helping me see and accept the weight I didn’t know I had and need to tackle. I just didn’t realise how far I’d gone. Kirsten
I love receiving my photos every two days, a shot of motivation just when I need it. My running shoots and the photos are helping me to re-love running and celebrate my progress. Jenny
I was surprised at how effective the photos were at reminding me to keep to my routine; as well as being a happy inspirational memory! Fiona
“Mel just has this way of making being photographed fun… and the photos are my reminder of how good exercise makes me feel ” – Jo