I’m going to help you tackle the real reason you’re trapped by your body…

…with photography


You’ve frustrated yourself, belittled yourself, finding yourself…

…yo-yoing up and down and up again.

You tear yourself up with mindfuckery backchat, fearing judgement when you try to fit into a plane seat…,

…constantly tracking your food intake and avoiding going to the park.

What if,
in 12 months and a day,
you could be free from what keeps dragging you back?

A serf who evaded his master for a year and a day was considered free.

What if, you could be freed?


What if,
it’s the most confronting idea of being in front of a camera that brings permanent change to your life?

By taking just one decision differently, you will create your alternative future.

Literally, we will capture you changing your life. Step by step.

I invite you to embrace photography to capture you on your change journey,

as your own motivation and inspiration,

to put a stop to your
yo-yoing, stopping that giving up cycle

and it will refresh the image you have of yourself in your head…

and you will OWN your change!

I’ve been here too, so let’s have a chat about how frustrated you are…

…because it’s time for you to make the other choice and create your alternative future.

Give yourself a different ending to the ‘I gave up’ story.

Just call or email me


Get in touch!

Seeing the difference in my face between shoots has surprised and continues to inspire me each time! Opening up the photo message, is like my own personal advent calendar excitement moment. My husband has said my whole attitude to life has totally brightened. Alli
I love receiving my photos every two days, a shot of motivation just when I need it. My running shoots and the photos are helping me to re-love running and celebrate my progress. Jenny
I’ve made one of my favourite photos my phone background and it motivates me to stick to my goal. I feel much more confident that I do this for my daughter. Andrea
Mel’s gift is helping me see and accept the weight I didn’t know I had and need to tackle. I just didn’t realise how far I’d gone. Kirsten