Mackenzie Daschund Jack Russell puppy photoshoot

My photoshoot secret weapon

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All dogs should have a job, and it should suit their personality. So, when I chose mine, they were going to have to be good with lights, cameras and reassuring a lot of strangers. No one likes being photographed, but everyone loves a cheeky wee dog.

Mackenzie had been with me a week before I introduced him to the studio lights and the big camera. And when I turned away to get my coffee and talk to the client, I found him like this, just sitting there, waiting patiently. I hadn’t even lifted the camera! No doubt, I’d somehow got myself a model dog and since then, he’s proved himself up to every sort of photography job going.

Puppy photoshoot Daschund Jack Russell

Nicola really didn’t want to be photographed on her own, an attitude that I absolutely love working to change. And it seems Mackenzie knew this was his job too! How could you not smile when you’re cuddling a puppy?

What I loved about this shoot with David, was he actually wasn’t a dog fan, but he couldn’t help playing around with Mackenzie and they produced some pretty awesome photos together.

A few weeks later, I brought Mackenzie out after a wedding rehearsal… and Alex, the bride, insisted he came the next morning to the hairdressers. An absolute hit with her, her mum and the bridesmaids and… his snuggling up made everyone all calm and happy.. and maybe a bit more gigglier!

Why do I think it’s a combination that works? Because it’s safety in numbers, especially if it’s just you! Mackenzie is an excellent distraction, and manages to produce genuine smiles, especially when it could feel contrived!

…because this was what was actually happening at James’ feet when we did the rebranding shoot of social enterprise School Space .

And I have to say I’ve been quite touched with how gentle Mackenzie starts off with young kids on family photoshoots… and eventually lets rip when he knows they can handle it!

So if you’re feeling anxious about being in front of my camera, know that I could put a small dog next to you on the couch, who could keep you distracted smiling and enjoying the whole thing

And even when I have to be the model and photographer for these wonderful blue and white poufs from Guiva , having a photogenic pup made it way more fun!

He doesn’t always have to come with me, because I know sometimes it’s not practical. But he comes as part of my photographic package, because we both just want you to enjoy being yourself in front of my camera.